Effectively Dealing With Depression From the 'Ground Up'

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Too many people suffer from depression, often silently without ever addressing it. I have many people come to me seeking help who are simply at the brink. Fortunately I also see a lot of people walk out my doors feeling a lot better about themselves and ready to live their life again. This gives me a great deal of satisfaction both as a hypnotherapist and someone who cares about people.

How Does Hypnosis Help Overcome Depression?

Like all issues, hypnosis can be used to help with depression because it can override deep seeded thought patterns from the 'ground up'. This is done in a therapeutic environment under trance. Being in hypnosis allows the client to become more open on a subconscious level to putting in place new and beneficial ways of doing things. In regards to depression, it can help override negative thoughts, increase self esteem and dramatically change one's overall outlook on life for the better. It is a very effective way to counteract depression from the source so that the results are permanent.

What You Can Expect

After the first session with me you will feel a shift in the way you perceive everything in a more positive light. This is natural and automatic. What will happen is that your thought processes will begin to move away from negative and destructive patterns, and become more in line with positive directions that I will suggest to you under hypnosis. With additional sessions this is further reinforced, and usually after 2, 3 or sometimes 4 sessions, it will become instinctual.

How Does it Work?

You can contact me here to book your first session and I will have a chat with you about what you are experiencing and how we are going to tackle it. I will then help guide you into a comfortable hypnotic trance and begin to unwind all those destructive thoughts and patterns through direct suggestion and other cognitive therapy techniques. At the end I will bring you back to full attention and you will be left feeling refreshed, re-vitalised and with a new spring in your step. The positive effects will continue to be put in place long after the treatment.

Note: Hypnotherapy is completely safe, however if you do suffer from another significant form of mental illness like Bi-Polar, or Multiple Personality Disorder, it is best that you get your Doctors permission before I see you. It is also important to remain on any anti-depression medication that your Doctor has advised you take.

One of Many Success Stories...

"* Hi Jacqui, Before I came to you I was lacking in self esteem, self confidence, self love and feeling down in general but after one session of hypnotherapy my life has certainly improved. I came away feeling energised and over the next few weeks I went shopping for shoes and a handbag, had my hair done and made a doctor's appointment I had been putting off. All of these may seem trivial to anyone else but to me they were things that didn't came easily."

- Thanks Jacqui, PM

* Results may vary from person to person.