Hypnosis for the Treatment of Habits in Perth

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Jacqui specialises in helping people overcome all types of habits with hypnosis. These include anything from alcohol, to drugs, smoking, gambling, food, video games, shopping, work etc. Jacqui will help you safely and effectively remove the repeating behaviour from your mindset and replace this with more positive alternative actions, all through the power of hypnotherapy.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help Habits?

Hypnotherapy allows you to make deep seeded permanent changes to your thoughts, actions and behaviours over time. By using hypnosis specifically for a habit, you will be able to replace and supersede the old repeating patterns and replace these with alternative behaviour that is more positive. Through hypnosis you can also relieve the emotional and physical side effects that happen when you are dealing with any habit. Things like cravings, emotional distress, stress, anxiety etc. can all be dealt with by using hypnosis to effectively lower the impact they have on you and giving you strength and willpower to keep going when the times get tough.

Can be Used for Any Type of Habit

Jacqui has helped many people with all types of habits. There is absolutely no need to be embarrassed to ask for her help no matter how personal your habit may seem - it is all treatable. The methods Jacqui uses are based on proven clinical hypnotic techniques adjusted to your individual requirements. Jacqui will sit down and talk with you before your first session, helping identify your background information, triggers and behavioural patterns. She will use all this information to tailor the ensuing hypnosis session to exactly what you require to best overcome your specific habit.

What Others Are Saying...

"I made the decision to see Jacqui after my Dad had great success with hypnosis for nail biting and terrible sleeping patterns. I have to say that I was pretty surprised to find that my Dad was trying hypnosis as he isn't (wasn't?) one for trying alternative therapies. I still can't believe that my Dad has "white parts" on his nails, as he has always chewed them until they look sore, so I knew that hypnosis was definitely worth looking into! My problem was chocolate, I couldn't have 2 squares, it would be the whole block. And then there was the boredom snacking and waking up 10 times each night. Id tried ways to rectify this before but nothing worked, or worked long term. I was definitely unsure about what to expect from my first session, (I'd never done anything like this before so I was a little skeptical too!) but Jacqui was great and explained what would happen before we started, I was completely put at ease. There were times while I was laying on the couch where I would wonder if it was working, but clearly it was! When Jacqui woke me up" at the end I felt so relaxed, as if I had just woken from a wonderful sleep.

After the first session everything else was fine, no boredom eating or snacking but I was concerned about the chocolate, so I returned to sort that out and at the end of the second session when given some chocolate to try I spat it out as I did not like the taste or the texture. I no longer snack, or open the fridge and stare into it longingly whenever I walk past the kitchen, sound familiar? I can now have a small piece of chocolate and that's enough, but it has to be nice chocolate or I won't like the taste... (I've even had chocolate in my cupboard for over a week and barely acknowledged it.) My sleep quality has improved dramatically. I listen to the CD while I fall asleep and if I wake up in the night I just pop my headphones back in and I'm straight back to sleep.

* My experience with Jacqui's hypnosis was very relaxing and I was made to feel very comfortable, and more importantly it was a success. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as I have experienced the impossible become possible in not only myself but my Dad as well"

- Char

* Results may vary from person to person.