Specialised Personal Hypnosis to Stop Nail Biting - in Perth With Jacqui Dornan!

Woman biting her nails

Do you chew your nails when you are stressed, bored or worried? Is it something that you have now identified that you want to stop but don't know how to? Here is a great place to start! Jacqui Dornan is a licensed hypnotherapist operating out of her two clinics here in Perth in Balcatta and Hillarys. She uses hypnosis to help people overcome all types of issues - including nail biting. Read more below to find out how Jacqui can help you too!

How can Hypnosis Stop Me From Biting My Nails?

Hypnosis is a proven effective therapy to replace habitual behaviours and override the problems causing them. Nail biting is no different - it is simply a pattern you have created over the years in response to certain emotions like stress, anxiety, fear or quite simply - boredom. Chances are most of the time you bite your nails you don't even realise it until it is too late! Booking a session with Jacqui, she will work with your own unique reasons for this behaviour, helping address and move beyond all types of symptoms. Through hypnosis Jacqui will be able to help you subconsciously become aware when you are chewing your nails and provide automated responses or alternative behaviours to stop this!

Automatically Overrides the Habit & Causes!

Under hypnosis Jacqui will help address all the reasons why you chew your nails, and implement new replacement patterns that will be carried out automatically in 'trigger situations'. These include...

  • Improving your coping mechanisms towards stress and anxiety
  • Becoming consciously aware when you are about to chew your finger nails
  • Replacing the habitual behaviour with an alternative action
  • Use of post hypnotic suggestion to reinforce the alternate action
  • Becoming more balanced and grounded no matter what the situation

How Does it Work?

The first and most important thing is that you have identified the problem simply by being at this page. The next step is to book an appointment with Jacqui on her contact page here, and arrange a time and date to come visit either of her 2 central Perth clinics. Upon arrival Jacqui will first discuss with you everything about why you bite your nails, and how/why this came to place. The next step is Jacqui will guide you into hypnosis, creating a personalised session unique to the best ways of helping you move forward. She will use suggestions, metaphors and other cognitive therapy techniques under hypnosis proven to help empower all parts of you to stop this destructive habit. After the session you will find completely calm, relaxed and very much in control.

Just Some of the People Jacqui Has Helped With Nail Biting Issues...

"* My daughter is 9 years old and has bitten her nails ever since we can remember, probably from when she could first put her fingers in her mouth. Her nail beds would always be red and swollen and sometimes bleeding. Her nails were almost completely gone. A friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy and suggested we give Jacqui a call. We thought there was nothing to lose as we had tried all the nail paints and horrible tasting polishes but nothing had worked. We were constantly tapping her hand to get her to take her fingers out of her mouth. After our first session with Jacqui we were amazed, ever since that visit I have not seen her chew on her nails at all. This is the most amazing thing we have done with one of our children, she is so much more confident in herself and can even see the growth starting on her nails. I wish we had have given hypnotherapy a try years ago. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is thinking of undergoing hypnotherapy for nail biting as I can see the results are wonderful.

* Results may vary from person to person.

- SP