Stop Smoking With Hypnosis in Perth!

Cigarette butt put out

Are you ready to give up smoking?

Are you sick of the cost & health effects?

Have you tried other quitting methods?

I have successfully helped many people give up smoking with hypnotherapy. My clients have ranged from light smokers to heavy smokers, often smoking 2 or even 3 packs a day. It gives me great pleasure to help people stop smoking and begin recovering. Usually it takes 3 personal sessions and a little homework to make the changes, after that you will never look back.

Why Choose Hypnotherapy?

According to the New Scientist Magazine vol. 136, issue 1845:

"Hypnosis is the most effective way of giving up smoking, according to the largest ever scientific comparison of ways of breaking the habit."

Other quit smoking methods like gums, patches, electronic cigarettes etc. only 'cover up' the issue temporarily, giving moments of relief but not strong enough to make life lasting changes. Hypnosis is a holistic approach that will support you all the way throughout the quitting process. It will give you total empowerment to make the right decisions more easily without the aid of physical substitutes. This is all achieved by simply by changing the way that you think on a deeper level. Doing this you will not not only find it easier to quit, but will also be much more unlikely ever to go back to smoking again in the future.

How Does it Work?

Under hypnosis we become more open to accepting new ideas & suggestions and applying them to the deepest parts of our mind. This is achieved on a subconscious level under trance. When you come to see me I will guide you into a comfortable hypnotic state and take you through some very powerful techniques & suggestions. These will help implement a new mindset towards smoking when it comes to things like:

  1. Reinforcing a mindset that you simply don't need to smoke
  2. Replacing the addiction with more positive alternatives
  3. Helping reduce both mental & physical cravings
  4. Enhancing your willpower to see through the changes
  5. Easily making healthier changes to your lifestyle
  6. Empowering you on every level to successfully quit

One of Many Success Stories...

* Hi Jacqui, Just wanted to say Thank-You for the wonderful change you have made to my life. As you know, I was unable to quit smoking using will-power, patches, gum etc. In one session of hypnotherapy you changed that completely. It has been over 2 weeks now, and I have not only NOT had a cigarette, but I have not had a single craving for one. I really am a non-smoker. My wife still smokes, and even with cigarettes so available I hardly even notice them, or the fact that she is smoking. I feel healthier, younger, cleaner and proud that I am a non-smoker – and that was all achieved so easily in that one session with you. I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the great work you are doing for people like me!

- Best regards, Greg

* Results may vary from person to person.