Thought Field Therapy (TFT) With Jacqui in Perth

Tapping points demonstration

Thought Field Therapy (TFT) is an alternative therapy used for many types of psychological & emotional issues. Jacqui uses the methods of TFT through the Campanelli Mesmerism training she completed through the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. She uses TFT adjunct with her personal hypnosis sessions, as well as a standalone treatment for her clients. Doing this has produced many great results for issues ranging from stress, fears, anxiety and sleeping problems.

What is Thought Field Therapy?

Originally developed by US psychologist Roger Callahan, TFT involves 'tapping' certain meridian points throughout the body. This is to help rebalance one's energy system and remove the emotional association to the issue being treated. Every time we think or experience an emotion associated with a particular problem our normal 'thought field' is disturbed.

This interruption is known as a perturbation and affects our different neurological and cognitive processes which can create or exacerbate the problem you are experiencing. Each perturbation is associated with a different meridian point on your body. Therefore the aim of TFT is to identify the disturbance in your thought field and use precise tapping on the corresponding meridian point to rebalance the emotions associated with a certain problem. Doing this can have some truly amazing results!

Using TFT With Hypnosis

TFT is especially effective when used during hypnotherapy sessions. Jacqui incorporates this when the client is in hypnosis by using spoken suggestions and 'tapping' to help strengthen the client's results. For example, if you came to see Jacqui for stress management, she would be able to identify the meridian points associated with the issue and use 'tapping' as well as conventional hypnotherapy to help you overcome this.

What Can TFT be Used For?

TFT can be used to help almost any type of emotional or psychological issue. Some of the more common treatments Jacqui has conducted for clients include stress, anxiety, fears, depression, weight loss and sleeping problems. By getting to the 'source cause' of the particular problem that you want fixed, it is possible to use TFT to restore balance and harmony to the emotional systems that are causing this.