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Jacqui Dornan

Jacqui has been practicing hypnotherapy since 2008 when she completed her training through the Australian Academy of Hypnosis. Since than she has devoted her career towards helping people overcome their obstacles and achieve their goals with great success.

As a naturally caring person Jacqui has helped many people with all types of issues through her unique methods incorporating hypnosis and other healing modalities. Jacqui sees clients from her 2 central Perth clinics as well as by appointment in New Zealand.


Hypnosis Qualifications

  • Cert. Power Hypnosis - Oct 2008 & Nov 2009
  • Cert. Hypnosis - March 2008
  • Cert. Hypnotic fascination - May 2009
  • Cert. Weight Loss and Management - Apr 2010
  • Cert. Mesmerism & Hypnotic Fascination - Apr 2010
  • Cert. Advanced Mind Dynamics - July 2009
  • Cert. Cessation of Smoking - Apr 2010
  • Cert. Advanced Hypnosis - Dec 2011
  • PHA Basic Counselling & Psychology Course - June 14, 2014

Other Qualifications

  • Reiki 1-2
  • Thought Field Therapy - 'tapping'
  • Campanelli Mesmerism for treatment of cigarette smoking 
  • Cert. Magentista Emeritus (Mesmerism) - Dr. Marco Paret


Southlands Express Newspaper - New Zealand
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