Hypnosis is an Effective Way to Overcome any Type of Fear or Phobia!

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Do you have a fear of something that is simply holding you back from living life? Perhaps a phobia that you just can't get rid of no matter how silly it may seem? If so, I can certainly help you. I have helped many of my clients overcome a fear through hypnosis. It is a really simple process and could take as little as one or two sessions with me at my Perth clinic.

Can You Treat any Type of Fear or Phobia?

In a simple answer yes. I use a very effective set of techniques which I adapt to the specifics of each client and their particular fear. Some of the more common fears I treat are:

  • Fear of spiders/insects
  • Fear of heights
  • Fear of speaking in public
  • Fear of dentists/doctors
  • Fear snakes
  • Fear of flying
  • Fear of commitment
  • Fear of social interaction
  • Fear of needles
  • Fear of small spaces

How Does Hypnotherapy Help?

All fears and phobias are embedded in the subconscious part of our mind. This is why they often seem so unjustified when we think about it on a conscious level. Hypnotherapy allows you to go straight to the source of the fear or phobia at a subconscious level, and introduce new ways of dealing with it. This happens whilst I guide you into a nice comfortable state of relaxation, and your subconscious becomes more open to suggestion of positive change.

  • Overriding any experiences or memories that are causing that fear
  • Developing a more logical approach to dealing with it
  • Promoting the ability to always be in control in fearful situations
  • Replacing the fear with enhanced awareness
  • Not letting fear affect your life and the things that you do

How Does it Work?

By reading this page you have already identified you have a fear and want to get rid of it. The next thing is to contact me and we will book in some hypnosis sessions for you over the course of a few weeks.

During each session I will guide you into a nice comfortable state of hypnosis and make necessary suggestions & empowerment techniques to help you address your fear. At the end of the session I will take you out of hypnosis and you will be left feeling calm, relaxed and on top of the world. I will give you some programs to take home to reinforce the changes. Over the course of the 3 sessions you should notice the effects of your fear simply begin to reside more and more over time..

One of Many Success Stories...

"* Hi Jacqui, Before I came to you I was lacking in self esteem, self confidence, self love and feeling down in general but after one session of hypnotherapy my life has certainly improved. I came away feeling energised and over the next few weeks I went shopping for shoes and a handbag, had my hair done and made a doctor's appointment I had been putting off. All of these may seem trivial to anyone else but to me they were things that didn't came easily."

- Thanks Jacqui, PM

* Results may vary from person to person.