Other Services & Treatment Methods

Jacqui offers a variety of other healing modalities which she uses in conjunction with her hypnosis sessions as well as on their own. This helps make her treatment approach more effective and personalised for each individual client. All clients are welcome to choose which services they wish to be incorporated and Jacqui will be able to walk you through this in the first consultation. These are all available from Jacqui's main clinic in Perth as well as in New Zealand by appointment.

Breaking cigarette

Campanelli Mesmerism

A unique approach using elements of mesmerism & hypnosis specifically for the purpose of breaking addictions and stopping smoking. Jacqui is one of the first Australian practitioners of this revolutionary method. Read more

Healing hands

Reiki Treatment

As a qualified reiki master, Jacqui has helped many of her clients through the powerful healing forces of this modality. It can be used for many types of issues from stress relief to promoting recovery from illness. Read more

TFT diagram

Thought Field Therapy

This is a specialised skill whereby Jacqui will help balance your energy system by by tapping the different meridian points in the body to release emotions. This can be highly effective for many different issues. Read more.