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Developing a mindset for successful reduction in weight

Some tips on how to identify why you eat, when you eat and your internal dialogue justification process to help achieve more successful weight loss.

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Sugar Habit Is Increasing Significantly In Australia

At the time of this article, Australia has the 5th highest incidence of obesity in the entire world. An increasing sugar intake in our diet is a major contributing factor to this epidemic. For many people this is more than just a diet problem - it is a habit a dependence.

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What Clients Have Experienced With Mesmerism & Hypnosis

Some feedback from my clients and what they have experienced when I have used Mesmerism in adjunct with hypnosis in a personal session.

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How to Overcome Sleeping Problems

Today I would like to share with you some of my client’s experiences when it comes to sleeping difficulties and how hypnosis can help overcome this issue.

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Free Full-Length Healty Eating Hypnosis MP3 Video

I recorded this healthy eating hypnosis session a few years ago and am excited to share it with you as what you can expect from one of my one-on-one sessions. Enjoy.

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The Top Natural Ways To Overcome Depression

Here are the top 5 natural methods you can easily incorporate into your lifestyle to help minimise and overcome the effects of depression.

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Stress - What Is It & How Does It Affect Us?

We all have stress in our lives whether it is a momentary annoyance at some event that makes life a little bit more difficult or a major issue that leaves you unable to properly handle the mounting pressure.

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What is Hypnosis?

While explanations and definitions can vary, one way to describe it is hypnosis is a cooperative interaction in which the client responds to the suggestions of the hypnotist.

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Seeing Through New Year's Resolutions With Hypnosis!

Every year people get caught up in the same repeating theme. Along comes the New Year & the decision to make some changes (New Year's Resolutions) which only last for a little while!

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The Expectation for Your First Hypnosis Session

What can I expect from my first hypnosis session? I get asked this all the time by new clients. Some have certain expectations of what they 'think' they should experience, whereas others may already have preconceived ideas about whether it will work or not without ever having been hypnotised before.

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What is Mesmerism & Is It The Same as Hypnosis?

This week I want to talk about Mesmerism - what it is, how it works, therapeutic uses, its relationship with hypnosis, and my own learning/application experiences.


What is a Post Hypnotic Suggestion?

This week I wanted to go over the use of post hypnotic suggestions. When used correctly, using these can be very effective ways to bring long-lasting change. In this blog I will explain to you what they are, how I use them and what is actually happening after the hypnosis session.

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Are You Left Brain or Right Brain Orientated?

I came across a very interesting spinning lady picture recently that helps determine which hemisphere of our brain we use the most. In this blog I want to share this with you so you can find out if you are right or left brain orientated by habit and thought.

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New Clinic Just Opened in Balcatta Perth

This week I am pleased to announce I have just moved into my new hypnosis clinic conveniently located in Balacatta, North Perth...

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Academic & Scientific Studies on Hypnosis

When trying to explain to people who are skeptical about hypnosis, I like to remind them that there are literally thousands of academic & medical research papers that qualify it's effectiveness. In this blog I am listing some of the more significant trials that have been conducted, and what they discovered.

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Can I Be Hypnotized Easily? Find Out With this Spinning Spiral Test!

Take this test to find out if you are easy to hypnotize or not. It uses a spinning spiral and a detailed analysis of the results you experience to find out your susceptibility to hypnosis - very interesting!

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The Different Levels of Consciousness

This week I thought I would talk about what is happening to our brainwaves when we are in the different states of mind (consciousness). In particular I wanted to discuss this in relation to hypnosis, in doing so helping illustrate what is happening mentally when we go into a trance as well as the role of the hypnotist.

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What Happens When We Go Into Hypnosis?

Many people are still relatively unsure about what hypnosis really is all about, so I decided to write this blog to help give some information.

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How to select a good hypnotist

This is a majorly important decision. It can make the difference between achieving your desired outcome and costing you a lot of money and becoming disillusioned with the effectiveness of hypnosis.