Fibromyalgia Treatment in Perth With Hypnotherapy

Illustration of person in painFibromyalgia can have a crippling effect on our daily life. It can also be successfully treated with the right approach. I know this because I used to have Fibromyalgia, having spent many years living with it before I was a hypnotherapist. When I help others with this condition I now share empathy and understanding. As a hypnotherapist I have helped many clients overcome Fibromyalgia and move beyond the debilitating symptoms it presents. This gives me great satisfaction seeing the incredible difference in people's lives. If you live in Perth and suffer from this condition please read more about the service I provide below and contact me if you would like some help

How can hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a medically and scientifically validated therapy to address many types of mental, emotional and physical conditions. With respect to Fibromyalgia, it can help reduce the impact of your symptoms and provide internal mechanisms to address the source of the condition itself. Using pain desensitisation techniques it can help reduce the threshold of any type of pain you may be experiencing. Through your mind-body connection hypnotherapy can also help balance the way your mind and body interact at an unconscious level. In this way it can help the way your mind sends signals to the rest of your body and address these by fixing the source of the problems. Through the power of suggestion, hypnosis also provides positive reinforcement to change your lifestyle to be more embracing of ways to counteract Fibromyalgia. This includes helping improve your diet, participating in physical activity, getting a better night's sleep and instilling the ability to handle emotional imbalances like stress and anxiety to reduce their impact on your symptoms.

More than just reducing the associated pain

When treating Fibromyalgia it is more than just trying to switch off the pain it creates. In my opinion this is just a blanket approach that evades the underlying issues. The condition is caused by something deeper - whether emotional, mentally or through imbalances in your mind-body connection. Helping you become desensitised to the pain is certainly part of it, but to successfully move forward we have to delve deeper. This is personally where I believe hypnotherapy excels. Of course like any medical condition it is important to still seek and follow the advice of a doctor or health professional, but using hypnosis as an adjunct has immense benefits. It is all about changing your lifestyle, your emotional state, and the way in which your mind and body interact to have the best results.

My personalised approach

To best treat Fibromyalgia we need to take a multi-faceted approach. When you first come to see me we will sit down and discuss your symptoms and any factors that may be contributing to your condition. Doing this I can provide the best treatment approach through hypnosis. Fibromyalgia can affect every person differently, so this stage is important. I will take everything we discuss and customise your hypnotherapy session/s accordingly. When we begin the hypnotherapy part of your treatment I will guide you into a nice relaxed state where your subconscious becomes more receptive. Here I will introduce to you new positive ways of dealing any internal or external issues exacerbating your condition and give you ways to minimise the side effects. Generally I find most clients respond best after 3 sessions with me so to get the best results it is important to take a proactive approach over the space of a month or so.

If you live in Perth, together we can take a proactive approach to making your life more comfortable. Please get in touch with me on the button below to find out more about how I can help.