How to Overcome Sleeping Problems

Lady sleeping on pillow

Today I would like to share with you some of my client’s experiences when it comes to sleeping difficulties and how hypnosis can help overcome this issue.

Over the years, many clients have attended for the particular issue of getting to sleep or it can be a combination of this and staying asleep or waking too early and not getting back to sleep. A change in a sleep routine seems to happen very quickly and that has a flow on effect into every aspect of a person’s daily life and health. For some it has been only a short time that they have had this concern for other it has been 20 years or more.

What impact does a lack of sleep have?

They can be totally exhausted and crawl into bed only to find that they cannot get to sleep so they start to count sheep or start staring at the ceiling, tossing and turning.Then of course there are the thoughts that go through the mind like why can’t I get to sleep, I am exhausted, how am I going to cope tomorrow at work or in the home.How will I manage the kids and then there are those other 'drifty' random thought as I call them the ones that really do not have any relevance but for some unknown reason they appear in our head. The one’s like I wonder if this or that will happen or how so and so will manage or what the weather will be like, what shall I make for dinner or will I go out of Friday night etc. It can be random thoughts that make no sense or have no value.Then we can add into the mix the emotional effect of not being able to get to sleep.For some it is the feeling of being grumpy, snapping at the children, husband, wife, other family members, friends or work colleagues.That feeling of being inpatient, intolerant, the lack of focus, making mistakes at work or while driving or other things like putting the milk back in the pantry instead of the fridge or some other such thing.Sometimes it can also be that feeling of needing to strain to hear what other people are saying to you, it is like you want to make your ears work better and for them to hear more clearly or you do the same with your eyes trying to make them bigger and wider in the hope you will be able to focus better. It can be like a permanent brain fog like I know you are speaking to me and saying something but you are unable to process it.

A lack of sleep can also lead to weight gain as one starts to eat outside of breakfast, lunch and dinner to find an instant fix for energy to keep going and then that creates another set of issues and emotions about one’s body, health and can cause you to feel anxious and sad.

So what may seem like a single concern can become larger than life.

So what can be done to help sleep better?

Hypnosis is a fantastic way to implement new and improved sleep patterns. By creating a new sleep program subconsciously, putting it on auto repeat and making sure that all the body understands that it is 'sleep time' rather than 'awake time', one can achieve a good night's sleep every night. If you would like to try hypnosis to help improve your sleep, please contact me below to organise a session if you are in Perth, WA.