Jacqui's Client Success Stories

Thankyou letterThe below testimonials are all from Jacqui's personal clients. They are from emails and written letters sent to Jacqui and published as sent with the clients permission. They do contain spelling errors.


* Weight Loss:

Dear Jacqui,

My apologies for not emailing you earlier, but being the end of the semester after my hypnosis session we went straight into assessments and report writing and time has gotten away from me. I want to sincerely thank you for all your help. My session with you has helped me immensely. I no longer think about food the way I used to. Although I have not weighed myself I know I am on the way to weight loss because my clothes are looser on me and I am able to get into clothes that I haven’t worn in a while because they were too tight. I no longer hear my mother’s voice in my head telling me to eat. My portion sizes have decreased immensely and I am still feeling full. I no longer come home from work and raid the pantry then have a huge helping of dinner. In fact I think very little about food these days. A couple of weeks ago we had my grandsons birthday and there were bowls of chips my weakness everywhere. I never felt the urge to even want some. I did have a couple and that was all I wanted. My daughter was surprised that there were bowls left over after everyone had gone and I wasn’t finishing them off and so was I. I have been listening to the CD you gave me and play it as I am going to bed each night.
I cannot thank you enough for the help that you have given me and look forward to achieving my weight loss goal without having to face LAP BAND SURGERY.

-Kind regards Renita

* Quit Smoking

I had been smoking for 24yrs, stopped once and had tried other ways but it was all too hard so I gave up. Jacqui was recommended to me and the cost was affordable and I was ready to give it a go. After only ONE session, I thought that I would need several sessions, I was amazed how easy it was, I was expecting to be fighting cravings and there were none, to fight the habit but it was so easy to just say NO. I have absolutely no desire to smoke at all and I have no idea as to how I afforded it or had time to smoke. I found the relaxation and meditation in the CD awesome. Something so hard just became so easy.

- Amara

* Nail Biting:

My daughter is 9 years old and has bitten her nails ever since we can remember, probably from when she could first put her fingers in her mouth. Her nail beds would always be red and swollen and sometimes bleeding. Her nails were almost completely gone. A friend of mine suggested hypnotherapy and suggested we give Jacqui a call. We thought there was nothing to lose as we had tried all the nail paints and horrible tasting polishes but nothing had worked. We were constantly tapping her hand to get her to take her fingers out of her mouth. After our first session with Jacqui we were amazed, ever since that visit I have not seen her chew on her nails at all. This is the most amazing thing we have done with one of our children, she is so much more confident in herself and can even see the growth starting on her nails. I wish we had have given hypnotherapy a try years ago. I would be happy to speak to anyone who is thinking of undergoing hypnotherapy for nail biting as I can see the results are wonderful.

- Regards SP

* Pain Control:

My wife saw the advert for Jacqui, I was desperate as I suffered from chronic pain and due to other multiple health issues I am unable to take pain killers. My life was miserable. After visiting Jacqui I am now able to get out of bed in the morning, to walk where in the past all I could do was shuffle around very slowly, I can bend down and pick things up, it is amazing. Even my wife has noticed the difference. Where I was feeling unhappy due to all the pain and other health issues I now feel more positive. I don’t want to eradicate the pain completely as I know that this is the body’s way of getting my attention so I don’t overdo it. I can now cope and have a better quality of life. It really achieved lots for me I am very grateful.

- M

* Weight Loss:

I was a sceptic but not anymore. Thank you Jacqui for getting me on the right path to lose weight. I have been exercising at a gym for about 9 months now and yes I am getting fitter but not losing any weight so I heard about Jacqui from a friend who has been struggling to lose her weight also and has had great success so I thought why not give it a go.

I am a binge eater,a food picker when preparing meals and also a night time eater so put this altogether in 1 day and I was sabotaging all my hard work that I was doing at the gym. All that has totally changed after being hypnotized by Jacqui. I dont binge,pick or night time eat anymore it is amazing and now I'm seeing the weight loss results. I no longer think about food 24/7 and I no longer eat any junk food as it doesnt even enter my mind to eat it.

- Thanks Jacqui WE 0911

* Cancer Treatment Symptoms:

Hi Jacqui, Thank you Jacqui for giving me tools that I could use for the nausea I was experiencing during chemotherapy treatment. I am particularly grateful for the way you ensured I was able to use them before I left. I didn't really believe it was possible until you took the extra time with me and encouraged me to test out the tools you gave me. I was shocked by the power of the mind!

Thanks a lot Jacqui. It was so lovely to meet you.

- Take care IN

* Chronic Daily Headache Syndrome/Nausea/Pain Management:

"In 2000 I was playing in my band in Milford Sound. Life as I knew it was all about to change. On the day leading up to New Year I noticed a headache like no other. This headache was so extreme I didn't know if I would even be able to sing. I was 30 years old, 2 lovely boys, a wonderful wife and a great job as an engineer. The headache of New Year 2000 would be the start of something no one could imagine. The headache came and went as headaches do but as the weeks past these headaches would return.

The weekends: you could bet that on every Saturday I would be out with a migraine headache, then Sunday to recover, back to work Monday. This went on for 2-3months then I would get them on a Monday as well, then Tuesday and so on until I had a headache continuously. So to the doctor I went. He said this was not out of the ordinary to have headaches for months at a time and not to worry, they would "burn out". As well as headaches I was also having migraines and nausea 2-3 times a week. They did not "burn out" as my doctor had said. They just got more intense, so away to the neurologist I went - CT scans, MRI's, blood tests. Nothing showed up apart from migraines and chronic daily headaches. My home life and work was beginning to suffer along with me until the point where I could no longer continue to work.

Debilitated would be the only word to describe myself so then pain management was the only thing available with anyone that thought they could help: acupuncture, homeopaths, naturopath, massage therapy, physiotherapy, chinese herbalist, spiritual healing, psychotherapy, psychologist, botox - you name it, I had done it. My daily drug routine was amazing to say the least. Too many to list but to give you an insight I was taking more opiates than a dying cancer patient would to ease their pain. Over 7 years I was no better off than when I started having these headaches.

Hypnotherapy was something that I put off for a long time. It had been discussed by my pain management team and my wife. I was very skeptical about the whole thing even though I had tried many other alternative treatments. So in 2010 I decided to give it a go. Jacqui's article was in our weekly newspaper. It was about career choices. Her write up was a great insight into what she actually did. So the decision was made to go and see her. Our first contact with Jacqui was by telephone. We discussed at length my main issues which were headaches, migraines, nausea, tinnitus and stress, so when we actually met in person she had already done her homework.

I was still skeptical, she put me at ease straight away and talked about what her plans were and the hopeful outcomes - then under I did go! I had two sessions with Jacqui and my pain levels have certainly dropped, my nausea all but gone and I am working part time again. I am slowly getting my head around why I didn't go 7 years ago! It was a pleasure to be in such good hands and all I can say is thankyou to Jacqui for what she has done. Of all the doctors and treatments I have tried she has been the biggest benefit.

- Thankyou WR

* Self-Esteem/Confidence:

Hi Jacqui, Before I came to you I was lacking in self esteem, self confidence, self love and feeling down in general but after one session of hypnotherapy my life has certainly improved. I came away feeling energised and over the next few weeks I went shopping for shoes and a handbag, had my hair done and made a doctor's appointment I had been putting off. All of these may seem trivial to anyone else but to me they were things that didn't came easily.

- Thanks for your help PM

* Weight Loss:

Thanks for empowering me after only one session I am well on the way to reaching my goal of 10kg and not obsessed with food anymore. A healthier and happier new me.

- Thanks MY

* General Testimonial:

Hi Jacqui, I’d like to say what an extremely caring and kind person Jacqui is and how I really appreciated all the time and effort she put in not only into the hypnosis session itself but the personal script she put together for the session.

I’d tried hypnosis in the past many years ago without success so had kind of written it off thinking I must have been one of those people that was extremely difficult if not an impossible candidate for hypnotherapy.

Having struggled with psychological issues most of my life followed by physical issues I’d tried various therapies & spent thousands of $’s mostly with little to no success. Tried hypnosis again only after hearing a little of another ladies experience with Jacqui so was hopeful yet still dubious I’d be able to experience any kind of change even if it ‘worked’ for me.

There have been subtle shifts since seeing Jacqui & when I say subtle I mean some negative thought processes appear to have changed with the positive changes seeming quite normal so that they may easily be overlooked. In that regard they are actually pretty big changes and my outlook has been more positive and optimistic too. Am pretty impressed since this is after 1 session nearly 4 weeks ago where I was hopeful but not expecting very much at all. Many, many thanks Jacqui!

- SD

* Weight Loss:


After years, infact all my adult-life, of being obsessed with food, being overweight and yo-yo dieting I have finally found the solution – one session of hypnotherapy with Jacqui and the tools that she provided me with (e.g. my temptation buttons).

Almost 8 weeks after the one session I am back in my size 16 jeans (was previously squeezing into a 20) but the most amazing thing aside from the weight loss is that my obsession with food has gone. I no longer live and breathe food. Instead I simply eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full.

I can still eat my favourite foods but I no longer crave such foods all the time and I can have the smallest of portions of a yummy snack (that I would previously have considered totally out of bounds) and leave it at that – a small portion – not think “oh well, I’ve blown the diet today might as well go the full hog” and then end up binge eating for the rest of the day.

Jacqui’s one hypnotherapy session truly was the key for me to unlock my life-long obsession with food and I would recommend it to anyone with similar issues.

Thank you Jacqui for releasing me.

- Regards FHC


* Weight Loss - PM's Journey:

1st Update:

Hi Jacqui,

Just thought I would mesage you to - say hi.

Things are going really well for me. I am down to 111.8kgs now so I am soooo happy. The weight seems to be finally just coming off. I don't think of food 24/7 now and my life does not relvolve around food. Yeah!!!! go me. My whole life has changed - thanks to you. I have also been listening to my cd that you did for me too. So that helps keep me on track.

- Take care and god bless regards BM

2nd Update

I would like you to add this e-mail to your testimonials.

Well - where do I start - thanks for giving me my life back. I am so grateful to you Jacqui. Since I came to see you for weight loss issues, I have found that things have shifted for me in a very positive way. I have tried to loss weight for years with no real success until now that is. Everything has changed for me in my thinking and my whole attitude towards food in general. I am now finally free to start lossing weight and keeping it off. Once again THANK YOU Jacqui."Good Bless".

- Kingest Regards, BM

3rd Update

Hi Jacqui,

Just letting you no that I am now 109kgs. YEAh!!! I was 118.8kgs. So I am very very happy with this weight loss. I have another 20kgs to go and then I will be even happier. But I dont look at things as though I am on a diet now - I just look at it as a lifestyle change. A positive one too.

Life is not to bad at the moment - Im plodding along. Xmas is not far away - blimey.

I cant wait to catch up with you in Febuary next year - I will get you to just 'refresh' things for me - if that is possible? You know what I mean.

- Anyways, stay in touch. Cheers, BM

4th Update

Hi Jacqui, Thanks for your e-mail and your kind words. Yes, I am very proud of myself. Rather amazed really, if I was totally honest. Its been 10 weeks and usually by now I have given up and just started eating again. So its a huge change, for me. And I love it. My whole thought process has changed.

That would be great to catch up and do a refresher with you and maybe yeah go over some stuff that has come up for me. I know longer use food as my "Crutch" so now I have to face my problems and feelings head on with no food as a back up. Im sure you know what I mean. Nice to hear from you Jacqui.

- Kindest Regards BM

- BM

* Past Life Regression

Hi Jacqui,

I want to thank you again for the Past Life Regression Session. "Two days after my session I made a huge decision to Move from my current home town to somewhere new". I went for a three hour walk and that's what came out of it, a decision within my heart and soul. I'm really looking forward to your return.

I hope all's well with you, you're an amazing lady. :-)

- Thanks TA

* Past Life Regression:

I went to see Jacqui for a past life regression. I had no idea what to expect but thankfully shortly after I arrived Jacqui made me feel completely relaxed and at ease. After reflecting upon my past life regression with Jacqui I realised how many questions were answered about my own personal beliefs and how I see myself and the world around me. It really put everything into perspective that has happened throughout my life.

Also throughout my life I have had the feeling of being somewhat of an “ugly duckling”, you know that feeling that you are somehow born in the wrong time or wrong place? That feeling that you should be elsewhere but you don’t know where? Well, Jacqui really helped me come to terms with that feeling. She made me realise that seeing things differently than others has a beauty all of its own and not something to be seen in a negative light.

Jacqui is professional, relaxing, friendly and a beautiful light to anyone that she meets. Thanks Jacqui, you have a way of knowing exactly what I need to hear when I need it the most!

- Kindest Regards ALNZ

* Pain Relief:

Several years ago I suffered a back injury and have lived with severe pain since necessitating the taking of copies amounts of pain killers and the use of pain relief patches. My daily life focused on trying to function and control the pain albeit not very successfully. I felt that I would never be able to survive without the help of heavy pain killers. My specialist was now recommending surgery as the only means of hopefully reducing the pain and regaining some quality of life back. This recommendation convinced me to consider what else might be available treatment wise before I went down the road of surgery.

In discussions with my Physiotherapist Hypnotherapy was mentioned and the physiotherapist recommended a clinician to me. About four months ago I decided to try Hypnotherapy as a way to help with my pain relief. It has changed my life for the better. After my first session I was amazed my pain level had gone from a rating of six down to one. I feel that I am in control of my pain and not my pain in control of me. After my second session I am now able to control my pain levels and have been given the tools to manage this effectively even when my pain level spikes I am in control.

Thank you Jackie for helping me to control my pain relief. You have a very special gift that has helped me so much. I found it hard to put into words how grateful I am for what you have done for me. I am also very happy for you to pass my name onto any of your clients, if you wish

- Regards IL

* Weight Loss:

After the success of my hypnosis for pain management in April I decided to undertake further treatment for weight loss. Again this has been very successful and I am well on my way to achieving my weight loss goal.

- Regards Irene

* Stop Smoking/Nail Biting:

Hi Jacqui, Just wanted to say Thank-You for the wonderful change you have made to my life. As you know, I was unable to quit smoking using will-power, patches, gum etc. In one session of hypnotherapy you changed that completely. It has been over 2 weeks now, and I have not only NOT had a cigarette, but I have not had a single craving for one. I really am a non-smoker. My wife still smokes, and even with cigarettes so available I hardly even notice them, or the fact that she is smoking. I feel healthier, younger, cleaner and proud that I am a non-smoker – and that was all achieved so easily in that one session with you. I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the great work you are doing for people like me!

- Best Regards Greg

* Quit Smoking:

My partner and I saw Jacqui 5 weeks ago for hypnosis to quit smoking. We are both amazed and excited about how easy it has been to give up!! I have smoked for 14 years (half of my life) and as much as I wanted to give up I had big doubts as to whether I could ever do it. But, after seeing Jacqui neither of us have had any cravings in fact we hardly ever even think about it! We are both much more relaxed and have so much more time, energy and money. Thanks Jacqui.

- KL

* Diabetes/Sugar

I am a Type 1 insulin dependant diabetic, who unfortunately had a VERY sweet tooth that was way out of control. I was eating chocolate, biscuits and cake almost constantly, resulting in very unstable Blood Glucose Levels. I had my first appointment with Jacqui nearly 3 months ago and haven't touched a biscuit, cake or chocolate since nor am I even tempted to! And an even better outcome is that I have cut my insulin use by nearly half, (with my Drs approval) and my BGLs are stable. I think one of my biggest problems was that I had no willpower to stop (and that Coles always had half price chocolate bars). So I would definately reccommend Jacqui to anyone with similar problems. Thank You Jacqui so much.

- CB

* Weight Loss:

Thank you Jacki for helping me with my weight management issue. I no longer think about food and losing weight 24 hours a day.I was totally obsessed with it. It has now become just a normal part of my day. I no longer berate my self if I do have a treat. I look at food in a totally different way now. I have had several people comment on the fact that I have lost weight.How much?, I have no idea, I just know my clothes are fitting better.

Thanks Jacki, All the best for Christmas and the New Year.

- Kindest Regards - BVY

* Pain Management:

I was reading the local paper and saw the advert for Saille International Hypnosis and what caught my eye was a testimonial from another client who had had hypnosis for pain control and the major change it made to his life. I decided to show this to my husband and we had some discussion about this hypnosis and although we were skeptical as to whether it would work for him I decided to give Jacqui a call and left a message for her to call me. Jacqui returned my call and took the time to explain and answer all our questions. We decided to think about it.

I had Bleeding on the brain and a stroke 7 years ago. I had been having pain in my hip /hamstring area for the last 5 years the pain had increased over the last 2 years. On a good day with the use of pain killers my pain level was around a 7 . On a bad day the pain level was a 10 + which meant spending most of my day in bed and going to bed early 6.30/7pm most evenings .The pain restricted my life in so many ways. Just going out for a meal, travelling in the car was very painful.

The short drive to the clinic at Saille International my pain level was around an 8. On arrival we were shown into the office and every effort was made to ensure I was comfortable as possible. After explaining what to expect and what Jacqui required of me my wife left and we began the hypnosis session. I found the session to be very relaxing and soothing. While still in some pain.
After the hypnosis session with my CD to listen to I called my wife and she returned to collect me. Surprising enough on my ride home I was able to control my pain level , making the trip home enjoyable. The next day I was surprised to find that I could still manage my pain level with the tools Jacqui had put in place. However later that day the pain increased and I was unable to control it. I kept trying over the next few days but it no longer worked. I was very disappointed and was becoming very skeptical as to whether it would work at all. I contacted Jacqui and she made a special effort to come to my home. After another hypnosis session and more CDs to listen to ,I found it easier to control my pain. To my surprise I now have a much deeper and beneficial sleep which also improved my ability to handle the remaining pain level that I may have to live with.
I still take pain killers, but I now have a greater tolerance of my existing pain which is about a level 3. I can travel in the car much easier and my wife and I enjoy a meal out from time to time. A BIG Thank You goes out to Jacqui at Saille International Hypnosis now life is a lot easier.

- BJ

* Chocolate Addiction:

I made the decision to see Jacqui after my Dad had great success with hypnosis for nail biting and terrible sleeping patterns. I have to say that I was pretty surprised to find that my Dad was trying hypnosis as he isn't (wasn't?) one for trying alternative therapies. I still can't believe that my Dad has "white parts" on his nails, as he has always chewed them until they look sore, so I knew that hypnosis was definitely worth looking into! My problem was chocolate, I couldn't have 2 squares, it would be the whole block. And then there was the boredom snacking and waking up 10 times each night. Id tried ways to rectify this before but nothing worked, or worked long term. I was definitely unsure about what to expect from my first session, (I'd never done anything like this before so I was a little skeptical too!) but Jacqui was great and explained what would happen before we started, I was completely put at ease. There were times while I was laying on the couch where I would wonder if it was working, but clearly it was! When Jacqui woke me up" at the end I felt so relaxed, as if I had just woken from a wonderful sleep.

After the first session everything else was fine, no boredom eating or snacking but I was concerned about the chocolate, so I returned to sort that out and at the end of the second session when given some chocolate to try I spat it out as I did not like the taste or the texture. I no longer snack, or open the fridge and stare into it longingly whenever I walk past the kitchen, sound familiar? I can now have a small piece of chocolate and that's enough, but it has to be nice chocolate or I won't like the taste... (I've even had chocolate in my cupboard for over a week and barely acknowledged it.) My sleep quality has improved dramatically. I listen to the CD while I fall asleep and if I wake up in the night I just pop my headphones back in and I'm straight back to sleep.

My experience with Jacqui's hypnosis was very relaxing and I was made to feel very comfortable, and more importantly it was a success. I would definitely recommend this to anyone as I have experienced the impossible become possible in not only myself but my Dad as well.

- Char

* Pain Management With Reiki:

Dear Jacqui,

I visited you last Thurs for a reiki session. In the days following it has been interesting. I remember you telling me to put my hand on a area for healing, the next morning I put my hands together and asked for love and healing and that was the start of my reiki sessions every morning since I visited you mostly lasting 1 and a half hours. Day 1 and 4 have been my intense days. On two of the days the treatment has continued during the course of the day, today is one of those days. The first few days concentrated on my body and now mainly on my left arm. I have also received several messages during this period. I feel overall more lighter and I'm needing less pain tablets. Thank you for your help it has been extraordinary. I will plan another visit sometime in the future. Kindest Regards,

- TM

* Nailbiting and Quitting Smoking:

Dear Jacqui,

Hello Jacqui, I had a session with you on 23 August to stop nail biting and wanted to update you about how things are going. Apologies for the long email but it will make sense when you've read it!

All is going well and I have not bitten my nails since our session. This is really impressive as I've had some stress in my life since our session. The day after the session I received a call that my 71 year old mum had been admitted to intensive care in Bali and I had to fly up there to be with her and help organise her repatriation home. It took over a week to get her cleared to fly and we finally got her back home and she is now in good health. She had gone up there with a chest infection (she has COPD as well) and had a severe asthma attack. And on top of all this, she is a smoker. Fortunately she is in much better health now.

So, after this experience, and after hearing me talk about the session I have had with you, my mum would like to see you for a session to help her to stop smoking. She lives in B...., so coming to Hillarys would be best for her. Her name is ... and her contact numbers are .... If you could contact her to arrange an appointment it would be much appreciated.


* Hypnosis for Sugar Addiction, Weight Loss, Confidence and Self Worth :

Hi Jacqui,

So just wanted to email you since its been 9 days since I saw you. Since that time I have had one chocolate- I do not crave it , nor want it. I had a piece of sugar free banana bread today and even then I didnt 'binge' on it like I normally do. I’ve been a lot calmer at work and as a consequence dropped 2kg and have more energy when training at the gym. Thank you so much, I have been telling ppl all about you!


* Weight Loss:

Dear Jacqui,

Hi Jacqui

Thank you thank you thank you:-)!!!! It's been 13 days since I came to see you, and I'm soooo happy to tell you that I have lost 2.5kg and feel fantastic!!

I have to tell you that on the Monday back at work after I saw you, one of my work colleagues had made some cream profiteroles:-/ and normally I would bypass the yoghurt I take for morning tea, and have 1-2 profiteroles. Well, not only did they not faze me at all, but I passed the plate to a work colleague sitting next to me and in no way was tempted:-) My other down fall was that 4-5pm slump. Well it comes to that time of the day and I'm making the kids lunches for the next day or getting dinner ready and I'm finding myself thinking "do I feel like anything?", and the answers been NO.

I went on a girls weekend away this past weekend, and I must admit after a few drinks, and the nibbles came out, I did find myself picking at what was put out, but then thought about it and realized what I was doing and just envisioned my Temptation button and the urge was gone! So far, so good!! ;-) I'll keep you posted on my progress.

- Thanks again, MKS

* Fear Of Flying

Hey Jacqui, I would just like to say a if THANK YOU to you, you have changed my life, since I had hypnotherapy with you on my fear of flying, I have had 4 flights with no fear at all, I actually flew back from NZ 6 1/2 and enjoyed it immensely. I have felt no fear in any situation and no anxiety at all in any situation. I so grateful. Thank you so much

- Tania Pettigrove

* Disclaimer

5th October 2016 - These testimonials have been published word for word as sent in by Jacqui's clients. The results experienced are indicative only and results may vary from person to person.