What Happens When We Go Into Hypnosis?

Man in hypnosis with headphones

Many people are still relatively unsure about what hypnosis really is all about, so I decided to write this blog to help give some information.

Firstly - What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis itself is basically a state where our brainwaves become slower and we feel a sense of relaxation. It is important to note that this happens naturally, like when we are driving down the highway in a 'day-dream' like state before realizing that we are at the exit and it is time to turn off. This is an example of a mild form of hypnosis where our mind sort of runs on 'auto pilot'. Hypnotherapy is the act of using this state of mind, which is also typified by increased receptivity to suggestion, to bring about positive changes to our core being, or subconscious mind.

What Does it Feel Like?

Being in hypnosis is a very comfortable and satisfying feeling. Some people are more susceptible to going into deeper levels of hypnosis then others, but generally we feel a warm sense of relaxation and contentment when under hypnosis. It is like those last few moments after a long day when you go to bed just as you are going to sleep. You still have awareness but your mind & body become very relaxed and drowsy. Depending on the individual, most people can control the level of hypnosis that they wish to enter. For example some people may only be comfortable to go into what is known as a light level of 'Alpha' hypnosis, whereas some people are more prone to entering into a very deep level of hypnosis. It depends on the individual.

What Happens Under Hypnosis?

As mentioned earlier, in hypnosis our brainwaves slow down and we begin to drift into what is best described as a detached state of awareness. Through the use of EEG machines we can see that in hypnosis our brainwaves shift from their usual level of Beta activity into the lower levels of Alpha, Theta and sometimes even Delta. These are just categorical names given to the speed at which our brainwaves predominantly operate. In a simple sense, under hypnosis our mindset becomes more relaxed because the brainwaves become slower. Doing this the conscious part of our mind switches off more, and our subconscious becomes more receptive.

Can I be Hypnotised?

Every person can be hypnotised to different levels. How much so is measured by the Stanford Hypnotic Scale which categorises participants according to a number of different criteria. It is believed that about 15%-20% of people are very easily hypnotised and can reach the deep states of hypnosis. Additionally it is believed that about 5%-10% of people only reach very mild levels of hypnosis. The rest of people fall somewhere in between. This basically means that almost everyone can enter into some state of hypnosis, and that hypnotherapy can be effective in helping them too.

What About the Stage Hypnotists?

Many people still associate hypnosis with people up on stage 'clucking like chickens'. Although this is on the most part very true, it is not necessarily a good indication of what being in a hypnotic trance is all about. The people on the stage are chosen from all the participants because they are more easily hypnotized and fall in the bottom level mentioned earlier.. With their consent and free will, the stage hypnotist can induce them into a very deep level of hypnosis and prompt them to do the funny things you see on stage. Personally I believe the mind is more precious then to be made into a comedy show, but it does illustrate the power of hypnosis.

Using Hypnosis for Positive Purposes - Hypnotherapy

All being said, the actual state of hypnosis is very powerful when it comes to implementing positive changes for people. Once our conscious mind becomes less involved and the subconscious is more receptive, it is possible to introduce new beneficial ways of doing things for almost any type of issue, problem or area for development. This is because so much of what happens to us in our life is actually a manifestation from what is happen subconsciously. By bypassing the analytical/critical role of the conscious mind and addressing issues from the root source (subconscious) it is possible to re-train and override negative processes into more positive ones. Doing this can have immense effects on all parts of our life, and hence is why hypnotherapy is so effective.

So now you know a little more about hypnosis, feel free to contact me here if you live in Perth and would like to try hypnosis for yourself.

- Jacqui Dornan