Are You Left Brain or Right Brain Orientated?

Close up of eye

A Simple test to find out which Brain Hemisphere you use the most...

Our mind processes the things we experience and act upon in so many different ways. We all have our own unique patterns, idiosyncrasies and habits that makes us who we are. Most of this is the direct result of the way we perceive thought and action. Some research conducted into this found that the different sides of our brain are responsible for different thought and decision processes. These have since been used to quite generally describe certain people as 'right brained' and others 'left brained'. The test below uses the power of perception to help classify your own tendencies.


Stare at the moving image below. It is obviously a spinning lady - but which way is it spinning... that is the question? Stare at it for about 30 seconds and then read below for the results.

Spinning lady brain test

What Do YOU See?

This is not a trick question. Understand that different people see this image above move in different directions to you - some people can even see it move both ways.

I saw it move left to right (Clockwise) - Right Brain

This means that you are more 'right brain' orientated. The right side of your brain is said to be responsible for more of the 'creative' and 'feeling based' processes of your thought and action. The right side of your brain is closely associated with things like imagination, spirituality, symbols, spatial perception, creating, risk taking,more acknowledgement of the future, and generally 'feeling' things on a more deep level.

I saw it move Right to Left (Anti-clockwise) - Left Brain

This means that you are more 'left brain' orientated. The left side of your brain is said to be more responsible for things like logic, analysing, problem solving, calculating (maths), patterns, and being more based in the past and present. People that are right brained are more likely to make decisions based on analysing details rather than based on a 'feeling'.

I Saw It Move Both Ways

Some people, not many usually, can actually see the lady moving both ways. If you can see this it means you are able to more easily switch between both sides of your brain - lucky you. A good way to test if you can see the lady move both ways is to look at her normally first, and than play some very relaxing music and look at her again for a while and see if her direction changes. Basically this is just assisting the process because when our mind becomes more relaxed and switches off - we can generally see things clearer and unbiased - sort of like hypnosis really.

Anyways... I hope this little test gave you something to think about. Over the years it has done the round throughout the internet and many people have been quite fascinated with it. I know I was when I found it the other day too.

- Jacqui Dornan