How to select a good hypnotist

Hypnotised man on couch

This is a majorly important decision. It can make the difference between achieving your desired outcome and costing you a lot of money and becoming disillusioned with the effectiveness of hypnosis.

Always speak with the hypnotist, ask questions, listen to their voice while you are talking to them, remember this is the voice that you will be listening to during your hypnosis session and you don’t want a voice that irritates you. How do you feel about them, do you feel they are listening to what you are saying. Most importantly do you feel comfortable while talking with them, you know that gut instinct one gets. Make your decision wisely, phone around and get a comparison on prices, remember the cheapest or dearest price does not always reflect a positive or negative outcome. Perhaps even take a few days to decide or even phone them again. To me selecting your hypnotist should have the same level of input and decision as if you were selecting any other health professional. Find the one that is right for you. Don’t feel that you have to sign up for six sessions and pay in advance for weight loss or any other issue unless it is for Stop Smoking (Industry standard practice).

Below is an example of why it is important to make an informed selection; and decision regarding your hypnotist.

Client Testimonial

Dear Jacqui,

I want to say thank you for the bottom of my (now healthy) heart! Since seeing you two weeks ago I have lost 4kg, not touched any chocolate, cake or ice-cream. What’s more I have had no desire to eat them even when people all around me are! This is a miracle for me, something I have never been able to achieve before.

The most amazing thing for me is how easy it was – one session with you and following up with the CD you provided. Previously I had tried a different hypnotist who had insisted I pay up front for 6 sessions – I then found that I couldn’t tolerate her voice, to me it was very whinny and as a consequence I had no hope of achieving my goals and I gave up after 2 sessions (it cost me a lot of wasted money). I guess finding the right person is as important with a hypnotist as it is with a doctor!

I look forward to loosing another 4kg and being a healthy weight for the first time in many years.

- Thanks Lynn