Seeing Through New Year's Resolutions With Hypnosis!

Letting go of balloons

Every year many people get caught up in the same repeating theme. Along comes the New Year and the decision to make some changes in their life. These changes (New Year's Resolutions) usually last for a little while, and then once all the fuss has died down, they usually revert back to old ways. The question I want to address in this is article is... why does this happen? Most importantly, I want to give you some answers on how to use hypnosis to make sure this does not happen for you this new year.

Why Do People Fail New Year's Resolutions?

I believe people fail their New Year's resolutions because of the essence of making the change itself. Whether your desired change is to quit smoking, lose some weight, get fit, or anything else, your success all boils down to the reasons and motivation for making that change. Many people fall into the trap of getting caught up in the excitement of the 'new year, new direction' scenario. Society in particular makes a lot of fuss about this to the point where it is almost expected of each and every one of us to make a change come the 1st January each year. There is an element of pressure to this, as your friends, family and people around ask what you are going to change this new year. Many people are left in a situation where they are not properly prepared or motivated to see through a resolution, rather are doing it because they feel they have to.

If this applies to you, the first thing I want to say is hang on a second!

Finding the Right Reason to Change

Permanent ongoing change is best made for the right reasons. You have to really want to change first. Simply making a decision to follow the crowd and start a resolution, knowing full well at some subconscious level that you won't follow through, is a fruitless endeavour. Most significant change is made on a high emotion, be it positive or negative. By this I mean the stronger the emotion or attachment, the greater the reason you have to change.

For example, you may have become overweight and someone has said something to you which you just can't let go of. You begin to hang on to this, and the more you think about it the more it affects you. This is an example of a strong negative emotion that, if powerful enough, could facilitate you through with your desired change. However, this is not necessarily the best way to fuel the process.

A much better way is to use a strong positive emotion to help facilitate this. For example, if you are overweight, perhaps it is the thought of restoring your health, feeling great, running around with your kids etc. that is your reason to make this change. If this is strong enough, it will give you the drive to achieve your goals, especially through the tough times. Furthermore, once you reach your goal, the satisfaction of 'living' your desired end-result is a positive experience, therefore helping to make sure you never return to the old ways.

Assisting the Change With Hypnosis

Say you want to give up smoking this New Year. Obviously this is something very important to address, and any time is a good time to quit. However you may not be ready just yet, even though you know you should. Making the decision to start the quitting process just because it is the New Year may not be enough on its own to facilitate the whole process. This goes for anything, not just quitting smoking. Using hypnosis, it is possible to help reinforce your decision to make a change, and implement this throughout all parts of your mindset. A good hypnotherapist will always build foundations for you during your first session/s to better facilitate this change. This may include getting you to visualise a situation where you have achieved your goal, and then really locking this in on every level. This is much like I mentioned before about having a strong positive emotion to help facilitate the change.

From the Subconscious Level

Doing this with hypnosis is especially effective because it acts upon the subconscious part of your mind. This is the real power centre of your mindset, often where thoughts, feelings and actions take place before you are consciously aware of them happening. In this sense going to see a hypnotherapist (such as myself) if you have a New Year's resolution, will ultimately help you develop the right mindset to approach this change. We will work with you to help identify all the right reasons for you to make a change and really bring them to the forefront of your thoughts. This will not only help better achieve your goals, but also stay with you on a permanent basis so that you don't return to your old ways. Doing this you can expect a much greater success rate with your New Year's resolutions, because you are putting in place the right platform for ongoing permanent success towards your goals.

I hope that this New Year you can have a think about all this, and make sure that your resolutions are started off on the right foot. This will give you the absolute best chance of success and ultimately following through with your goals!

- Jacqui