Stress - What Is It & How Does It Affect Us?

Man relaxing next to lake

Many people experience this. Circumstances and situations happen in our life piling up one after the other, sending you into a spiral that makes you feel like you’re drowning and unable to reach the surface. We all have stress in our lives whether it is a momentary annoyance at some event that makes life a little bit more difficult or a major issue that leaves you unable to properly handle the mounting pressure.

What is Stress?

Stress is your body’s way of responding to a demand whether it is physical or emotional. For some if we are placed in an unpleasant situation your body would help you during that situation by releasing chemicals into your blood that would give you energy and strength. However, when stress is caused by an emotional trigger that doesn’t require the need for extra energy or strength that same stress can end up causing you to feel as if you are hard wired and you are unable to calm down, think or function clearly.

For many people stress comes from problems and situations, sometimes we are able to deal with these moments and other times we feel the situation becomes too huge to resolve and starts being triggered by a multitude of things that overwhelm us.

How can hypnosis help?

Firstly by calming you down and then addressing the triggers that cause the mind to be muddled and that feeling of hopelessness or I just can’t deal with that at the moment. By putting in place coping strategies so that you do not feel overwhelmed and can function and think more clearly. I am often asked how many sessions will I need? This will depend on the level of stress and how well you can adapt to change. It is obviously different for each individual and by monitoring your progress that becomes the guideline for further sessions.